Little Flock

From History of Coles County, Illinois, by Charles Edward Wilson (1905):

“Little Flock Regular Baptist Church was organized at the Center School House, in the southwest corner of Section 15-11-10, on November 29, 1862.  Among its organizers and early officers were: L. Gilbert, Jeptha Parker, Nathan Austin, John Alexander, Levi Sanger, Jesse Sanger, and T. J. Thornton.  Its first pastor was Rev. James B. Walker, who was ordained at that meeting.  Their church building was put up in 1865 on the southwest quarter of the northwest quarter of Section 22-11-10.  Their last pastor was Rev. T. D. Davis.  They have none at present.”

George Giffin wrote a letter in 1870 mentioning that he had heard his son-in-law, John French, preach at Little Flock.